Students of Rock Ridge High School, this page is for you. Information will be posted here throughout the school year, so check back often.



2019-2020 Student Choir Board - Congratulations to the following students for being selected to our Student Choir Board for the 2019-2020 school year:

President - Niki Lal

Vice President - Bekah Lott

Secretary - Kelly Volk

Librarians - Erin Volk & Kimberly Peng

Events Manager - Ellie Schubert

Fundraiser Manager - Mihika Bangarbale

Social Media Chair - Kylie Miller

Advertising Chair - Maggie Miller

Middle School Liaison - Keerthana Govindarajan

Middle School Liaison - Eshaan Nair

RRPA Liaison - Elle Ouimet

Tri-M Representative - Ishan Saha

Community Service Chair - Sneha Khandavalli

Rockappella Representative - Olivia Coe

Gratitude Chair - Marina Ashurkoff

Alumni Chair - Maggie Cantwell

Technology Chair - Keshav Tarafdar

Chamber Choir Rep - Sam Cooper

Phoenix Choral Reps - Arman Fathi & Anna Nguyen

Cantus Avem Rep - Anisha Rapolu



Check the Calendar for upcoming events.


All students will receive a long-sleeve and short sleeve Rock Ridge Sings t-shirt this year that will be used for our Virtual Choir Recordings.